Austar Mortgage Fund

Austar provides property secured, fixed interest investments offering attractive returns to wholesale and sophisticated investors through the Austar Selective Mortgage Trust. Each loan is secured by a first ranking mortgage and other collateral security. All products provide a fixed return during the investment period and pay monthly interest to the investor’s designated account.

Product Feature

High Yield

The expected net income is 6-7.5% per year and the income is paid monthly.

Short Period of Time

The investment cycle of most projects is 1 year

Autonomous Control

lnvestors can choose investment projects according to their own preferences

Risk Control

Loans are first mortgages. A trust holds a single loan that does not affect each other. Investors can set up investment groups according to their personal risk preferences.

Performance of Mortgage Fund in 2020

Risk Control


Strictly examine the operating income and cash flow of the borrowing company and the personal income of directors/shareholders of the borrowing company.

Real estate mortgage

LVR is capped at 70% and many projects will be below 70%.

Personal guarantee

The borrowing company and its directors/controlling.shareholders need to sign personal unlimited liability guarantee.In case of default, assets in the personal name of the guarantor can be pursued.

* If the borrower defaults, the mortgaged property will be auctioned immediately.

* If the auction fails to repay the loan, Austar will hold the borrowing company and the guarantor personally liable until the guarantee individual goes bankrupt.

Other risk control

Property appraisal

The appraiser is designated by us.Evaluate the present value of the property in a conservative way.

Real estate mortgage

LVR is capped at 70% and many projects will be below 70%.

Loan contract

Use the format contract we provide to protect our interests to the maximum extent possible. In the event of a default, we can deal with the collateral as quickly as possible.

Related party transactions

Loans will not be made to companies or individuals associated with the investment manager.

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