Austar creates flexible bridging and
construction loans for your property
investment or development project.


Austar gets too many enquiries from property developers who have been promised funding only to find that the promised funding is not available when it is needed.
Austar has its own internal resources to fund loans. This means that when you get an approval letter from Austar, the money is guaranteed to be available when you satisfy the agreed settlement conditions.
Austar will not leave you frantically searching for funding when we have made a commitment.


Every property project is different, yet lots of lenders draw a box they use to evaluate potential lending opportunities. With them, if your project happens to fit into the box, then you get the loan. If you fall outside the box, no matter how good your project is, you don’t get the loan.
Austar has the experience and expertise to look at each lending opportunity as a unique situation. We don’t rely on a box. We look at each project, identify the risks, measure them, and formulate a management plan. If we are comfortable with the result of this process we will offer you a loan.


The professionals at Austar have experience and expertise in development and bring that to our lending business. We believe the best lender is the one with the best understanding of their clients business. We get it!
Because of this deep understanding of property markets, the development process and risk management, we can add value to property projects.
We can help make your project safer and more profitable.
We can process your loans faster because we understand property projects and property markets.


Property Investors and developers are more reliant on their funders than most other kinds of businesses. The right funding partner can make the difference between a successful investment or a massive failure.
Austar is a boutique lender that takes a personal interest in every step of your project. We insist on clear and regular communication with our borrowers, because that protects both our borrowers and our investors.
Austar has a history of working with our borrowers to solve problems. We not only believe in, but practice, co-operative solutions to problems that in other circumstances would derail a project.


Types of Loans

Bridging Loans enable you to hold your development site while you finalise design, approval and contracts. Construction loans fund the construction phase using monthly drawdowns.

Bridging Loans

Sophisticated investors can invest in the Austar Selective Mortgage Trust and choose the specific loan they wish to invest in. Bridging loans are secured by a first ranking mortgage over real estate and have a defined repayment date. This means you know when you can get your investment capital returned. The specific terms for each loan are defined in a supplemental Information Memorandum that you can obtain from our investment team. Each loan provides a defined return paid into your account monthly.

Construction Loans

The Selective Mortgage Trust also offers sophisticated investors the opportunity to invest in construction loans secured by a first ranking mortgage and often has other collateral security. You can choose the specific loan you want to invest in. Talk to our investment team and get a supplemental Information Memorandum with all the details of each loan. Your interest will be paid monthly to your nominated account.

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