Austar will help you discover your next investment opportunity.


Austar is a conservative company that wins borrowers business by providing great service, not by taking additional risks. All our loans are secured by first mortgages backed by Australian real estate.
Austar is one of the most well capitalised non-bank lenders in the Australian market.


There has never been a default of investor commitments on any fund that Austar manages. We have comprehensive and sophisticated risk management systems that lead the industry.
If we say you get your money back on a certain day, then it happens on that day.
All investments with Austar have been paid back on time or early.

Alignment of Interests

Austar invests in the funds it manages. Our co-investment in the funds we manage means we believe in our products and back that belief with our own capital. We can co-invest because we are one of the strongest private lenders of our size.


Types of Investments

Austar specialises in investments backed by real estate security. We do one thing and we do it well.

Selective Mortgage Fund

Austar provides fixed or variable rate investments to wholesale and sophisticated investors through the Austar Selective Mortgage Trust No.2. Each loan is secured by a first ranking mortgage over real estate and often has other collateral security. All products provide a defined return (fixed or variable rate) during the investment period and pay monthly interest to the investor’s designated account.

* Defined Yield.
* Income is defined by a fixed interest rate, or a variable interest rate that is tied to an indicator such as the Reserve Bank cash rate.
* Short Turnover.
* Most loans are for 12 months or less.
* Direct Control.
* The Selective Mortgage Fund enables each investor to choose the specific loan they want to invest in.
* Risk Management.
* Industry leading sophisticated risk analysis and proven risk frame work

Cash Plus Fund

The Austar Cash Plus Fund is a cash product that gives investors liquidity through the 7 day guarantee for redemption of funds, plus strong returns. Austar provides a full principal and interest guarantee for this product.

* Low Fees.
* There is an Administration Fee of $150 per annum, regardless of your account balance.
* Restrictions.
* Variable Yield.
* The return on the Austar Cash Plus Fund varies periodically with market movements.
* Investors are notified of changes to the interest rate when they occur.
* Flexibility.
* Investors are able to redeem their entire investment with 7 days notice.

Mortgage Income Fund

The Austar Mortgage Income Fund is a mortgage fund that provides investors with the opportunity to receive quarterly payments by investing in a range of first registered mortgage loans.

* Income is defined by a fixed interest rate.
* Flexibility.
* The fund is open for redemption at the end of every March and September.
* Income paid quarterly.
* Industry leading sophisticated risk analysis and proven risk frame work.

Equity Fund

This fund offers investors the opportunity to share in the ownership of property projects. Like the Selective Mortgage Fund investors can choose the projects they wish to invest in. Projects can include development projects or other property where the intention is to add value to the asset. Contact one of our advisors for information on current investment opportunities in the Austar Equity Fund.


Apply to become
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If you have not yet applied to become an Austar investor, you can apply online now and you will be able to complete your application in a few minutes.

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