Austar Finance
Austar Finance is a financial services company operating in Australia.
Austar Finance provides investors with investment opportunities
specialising in short terms, high returns and low risks.

Investment: Austar Selective Mortgage Fund
Austar provides property secured fixed interest investments,
offering attractive returns to wholesale and sophisticated investors
through the Austar Selective Mortgage Trust.

Investment: Austar Cash Plus Fund
Austar Cash Plus Fund provides you
with an optimised cash management program.
This investment product is suitable for investors
who have extremely high requirements
for investment flexibility and safety.

Financing: Commercial Lending
As a non-bank lending institution, Austar Financial can provide our Borrowers
with various short-term (3 to 18 month) loans such as bridging,
commercial and construction funding in a timely and effective manner.
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About Us

Austar Finance is a provider of non-bank lending solutions and managed investment schemes.

We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide with a team of over 15 staff and 100 years of property and investment experience.


Applying for Austar Investor Account is easy and can be completed online. We will contact you to further assist with your investment plan...


Austar is an Australian based Non-Banking lender, who provides investors and developers direct access to low cost and hassle-free property loans...

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